Tag Agencies Application: ATARES  

ATARES is an auto Tag Agency receipt system that integrates the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle (DHSMV), Florida Real-time Vehicle Information System (FRVIS) and Tag Agencies. Atares full customer management and QuickBooks integration, makes it easy to manage customers' accounts, while our balancing feature makes it easier to cash out at the end of the day.

Key features

  • Windows TS application
    • Minimum requirements for workstations connecting to the System
    • Many workstations can be connected at same time
  • Customized Tag Agencies fees
  • Organized with structure of accounts and customers
    • Add and manage customers on account basis
    • Tag Agent can add custom fees to specific customers
    • Store detailed information about the customers, address, telephone numbers, etc
  • QuickBooks integration
    • Automatic transfers of sales and receipts to QuickBooks
    • In case of a voided sale, that void will automatically be translated to Quickbooks
  • Easy balance of sales.
  • Track sales and receipts that occur throughout the day
  • Comprehensive reports for end of day balancing
  • Automatic invoices for registration and titles fees
  • ACH payment of invoices for registration and titles fees

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