Unisoft Communications

Unisoft Communications, Inc. is a computer software company established in 1996. Our expertise is developing communications software solutions for the non-standard Property and Casualty Insurance Industry.

By serving the Insurance Industry via our sister-company Unicorp Data Processing, Inc. for over 40 years, we acquired a unique perspective as to the intricacies and necessities within the industry. In particular, the lack of efficient electronic methods of communication between insurance companies, premium finance companies and their agents was an area that required highly specialized solutions with a broad understanding of the requirements of each party involved. Unisoft was created to provide communication solutions for these purposes.

The advent of the internet provided a perfect vehicle for this new form of communication. Therefore, Unisoft has designed its communication solutions in ways to take full advantage of the tremendous benefits of Web Applications.

In addition to providing communication bridges between companies and agents, Unisoft is also an authorized provider of Motor Vehicle Record (MVRs) in several states of the country, driver history information is essential for deriving accurate rating of insurance premiums.