Motor Vehicle Records  

MVR short for Motor Vehicle Record, is the report that contains the driving history of any motorist. As an authorized provider of MVR records for multiple States, we bring a fast and reliable way of obtaining driving records in real time. Individuals accessing their own records may do so with a credit card instantly. Entities requesting records in connection with credit verifications, prospective employees, insurance or any other business purpose must set up an account first.

Key features

  • Web based application. No Software to install
  • Comprehensive reporting features. See a sample report
  • Two reports are available spanning either the 3 or 7 most recent years of records for any individual
  • Records are requested in "Real Time". Others companies can take more than 24 hrs to provide the report
  • Copy of records previously requested available
  • Individuals accessing their own records may do so with a credit card instantly
  • Business account option
  • Account benefits
    • Multiple users under same account
    • Full control of account's users
    • Reduced fees.  See current MVR fees
    • Full control of account balance
    • On demand account replenishment: Credit Card, Electronic Check, mailed Check or Money Order
    • Optional automatic account replenish
      • Custom minimum balance
      • Custom amount of balance increase
      • Electronic check transaction based

The privacy and security of your financial and personal information is very important to us. All our electronic processes are protected with the latest software and hardware tools availables. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) with 2048-bit encryption is used where SSL is required.

Unisoft Communications complies with Driver's Privacy Protection Act of 1994, United States federal statute governing the privacy and disclosure of personal information gathered by State Departments of Motor Vehicles and Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

For more information about this product, quotes and demos send a request to our company and our staff will contact you shortly.